+1-415-652-4325 | hartman.willie@gmail.com | resume
+1-415-652-4325 | hartman.willie@gmail.com | resume 

Design Generalist

I am a generalist, and I’ve worked across projects of all kinds: animated feature films, real-time virtual production, web, games, consumer mobile, VR, AR, XR, SAAS web - whatever. I love making it all fit together, and a huge part of what I typically do as a designer is align our media format, our customers, our style and our production techniques.

In no certain order, here are some of duties I’ve performed on the job:

1. Product Design
2. Technical Art Direction
3. Interaction Prototyping
4. Environment Design
5. UX Flow Wireframing
6. Pipeline Supervisor
7. Outsourcing Manager
8. Production Management

I art directed the downhill racing image for the un-released racing game at Ubiquity6. Craig Stucky is the artist.