+1-415-652-4325 | hartman.willie@gmail.com | resume
+1-415-652-4325 | hartman.willie@gmail.com | resume 

Display.land 3D Capture

Mobile Photogrammetry for All
Display.land (2018-2020) was a 3D capture app designed to bring cloud photogrammetry to the masses. Anyone with an AR enabled smartphone could use our intuitive capture interface to gather a video, upload to our cloud, and receive back a densified 3D mesh.

I was the principal UX designer at Ubiquity6 through the entire design process and wore many hats. My focus was on the 3D interactions and on tricky, cross context UX. I helped design the capture experience, and I designed and shipped a spatial notes feature, a 3D clip art feature, and our one of a kind re-publish feature, in addition to working on dozens of prototypes and games.  

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