415-652-4325 | hartman.willie@gmail.com | resume
415-652-4325 | hartman.willie@gmail.com | resume 

howdy! I’m Willie

I’m a designer and product consultant. I coach teams from idea to market and help distill complexity and vision into magical UX.

I work for an imaging company called Meter. I’ve been consulting for the past couple years after I helped Ubiquity6 launch display.land. Before that I was with ILMxLAB and Illumination. I’m always starting over.

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Meter  Parts

Next Generation Inspection
Meter is a developing next-generation volumetric imaging technology. We are building a machine that can see inside of anything and cloud-based software for processing the complex, volumetric data that the machine produces.

Role:  Technical Design Lead
I lead the UX of all of the software products at Meter, from our cloud based inspection & analysis software to the embedded software on the scanner. My work at Meter is about balancing vision, technical constraints and approachable UX.

Spatial Ape: The VR Industry’s #1 Weekly Trade Show


Spatial Ape is a one of a kind VR app with an amazing community of international creators and a deep focus on product experimentation.

I advised the team from their early event prototypes in Altspace all the way through the launch of their native app on Sidequest. I focused on strategic product consulting and environment building, where I designed and built all of the early spaces.

The team continues to grow and experiment with VR podcasts, themed events and custom content. It’s one of the most interesting places in VR.